I am a Temple Spa Lifestyle Consultant


Temple Spa is a perfect blend of British provenance and sophistication with Mediterranean passion and soul. The results? An extraordinary range of high performance skincare products that work. This year Temple Spa has been voted Best Luxury Skincare Brand 2020 - how fab is that!

The Temple Spa story began two decades ago by Liz and Mark Waron. Freshly inspired by the Mediterranean diet, culture, lifestyle and landscape, the basis of their brand was born. Temple Spa can be found in Harrods, Premium Spas, Harley Street Clinics, 1st Class Airlines and Boutique / 5 Star Hotels and Resorts.

I fell in love with the products after I started using them a couple of years ago. So this year I became a Temple Spa Lifestyle Consultant as I wanted to offer you the chance of having a spa experience in the comfort of your own home. The fragrances ... the textures ... the music ... and even better, add six of your best friends to that so together you'll discover just what your skin loves and needs. As a Consultant, I can guide and advise and help you learn how to care for your skin and have some fun at the same time. People love the idea of trying before buying, in a relaxed informative environment. For more information on having a SPATOGO class, please contact me and we can have a chat. The Hostess gifts for having a party are amazing!!


"your body is a living temple. Honour it, enjoy your life, and live it to the full"


Here is a link to my personal Temple Spa website. This will take you to a new page and just so that you are aware, additional shipping costs will apply if your order is under £50.00.


Have fun browsing the amazing products....